Hi, I'm Jenna! I am a 90s baby living in the Pacific Northwest. Sweet Petite started when I was in high school and newly infatuated with the cupcake trend. I started off by taking on small catering gigs for family and friends. When I went to college, I baked layer cakes in my dorm room and impatiently waited for graduation. Upon graduating, I started up Sweet Petite in an official capacity with The Sweet Whip, a mobile sweets cart. The Whip allowed me to see what was and wasn't connecting with customers, gave me a good lesson in economies of scale, and generally was a huge pain in my ass. But it sure is cute, huh? After some deliberation and soul-searching, I moved the business entirely online. Sweet Petite now ships freshly baked cookies all over the country. The cookie boxes are the perfect way to send a food gift that is free of preservatives, handmade, and beautifully packaged.  Thanks for stopping by, I hope you'll stay for a cookie.